Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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Wilcom and Berzacks will be holding a seminar on the 12th of May 2009

You are cordially invited to attend an informative session given by

Janos Horvath, Wilcom Sales Executive for South Africa. The features

Of the new Embroidery studio Version of Wilcom will be explained and

Afterwards a question and answer session will be held.

Wilcom is still the leading Embroidery digitising software. In the past

These seminars have always been well received and I urge you to attend

And am sure you will leave with a better understanding of what your

Software Can do to improve your quality and productivity, and ultimately

Increase your profit margin. All orders received on the Day of the seminar

Will receive a special discount-so bring your cheque book !!!

There will be 2 sessions from 9.00 am till 12.00pm

2.00 pm till 5.00pm

The function will be held at:


Block B St Andrews office park

39 wordsworth Avenue

Senderwood , Johannesburg

Kindly reply to the email

Fax 086 609 5851

Looking forward to seeing you

Dov Fisher

Embroidery manager

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Although we all have hard times ahead of us, I trust that this year will be very successful and prosperous. It is important to remember that the success of an Embroidery business depends on keeping the expenses to a minimum.

I am confident that the second half of this year will see an increase in demand for embroidery and if I recall the year leading up to the Rugby World Cup in 1995, it started off slowly but then shortly before the opening matches the excitement began and everyone was working a 7 day week, 24 hours a day up until the end of the competition, even though many did not have any official license to do the embroidery but were feeding off all the corporate work that already had the team logos on them.

Therefore I have no doubt that the lead up to the Soccer World Cup will be the same, if not bigger.


It is very important that your machines are in top condition, in order to avoid any downtime, when you are working at a full capacity in order to meet your deadlines and commitments.

Please do not hesitate to call us if you have any problems or queries.

For a quick response, please email me on: and advise the nature of the problem you are experiencing and a technician will be sent out to you, as soon as possible.

Furthermore we have a large stock of genuine Tajima spares, needles, scissors and other accessories that you may be requiring.


In the last few years there has been an introduction of many different Embroidery machine models into the South African embroidery machine market.

They come in various degrees of quality and price. The rule of thumb is, that in this market you mostly get what you pay for and Tajima has proven itself time and time again, as the most desirable machine with the least downtime out of every other model. Also the superior quality and unrivaled durability, will be proven to be the most cost effective Embroidery machine that you could purchase, despite other models coming in at half the price and/or sometimes at a third of the price.

The demand for second hand Tajima’s is very high, as there is not many under 12 years to be had.

Tajima are one of the few Embroidery machine manufactures that only manufacture Embroidery machines. Thi s is their primary business, where most of the other manufactures, manufacture embroidery machines as a side business, after manufacturing sewing machines - hence the majority of other embroidery machines looking very much like the “Tajima”.

Tajima is still the leaders in the R & D of the embroidery industry and Berzacks have also had a long relationship with Tajima and as a team, togther we are a major player in the South African Embroidery industry.


Wilcom have just released ES1.5, which is their latest update. The software comes together with CorelDraw. So remember this before purchasing any new graphic design software - rather update your Wilcom and get CorelDraw.

We are planning to have a seminar later in the year, to demonstrate the capabilities of the updated software. Details will be sent out as soon as everything has been finalized.

Marathon and other consumables

The sales of our thread and backing have increased dramatically. Remember that it is a type of product that if the customers are not satisfied with it, he/she will change to another product. Our prices are extremely competitive and the products are of a high quality, resulting in the fact that we have the majority market share in embroidery consumables.

If you are not yet using this thread, please give me a call and I will gladly bring you a sample to try out. Also, for those of you are not yet using pre wound bobbins, I suggest that you do a cost exercise and revise your decision on winding your own bobbins.

Pre-wound bobbins, will definitely increase your quality as well as productivity of your embroidery business, therefore saving you time and money.